About the NBS

About the NBS

The initiative for establishing the Nordic Bryological Society was taken by Kjeld Holmen and Elsa Nyholm who invited bryologists from the Nordic countries to take part in a gathering in Nora, Västmanland, Sweden the summer of 1966 (Sv. Bot. Tidskr. 60(3): 443). The following bryologists from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden were attending: Ingvar Andersson, Pell Algot Eriksson, Sven Fransson, Nils Hakelier, Kjeld Holmen, Johan Kielland-Lund, Timo Koponen, Edvard von Krusenstjerna, Unto Laine, Bodil Lange, Bengt M. P. Larsson, Jim Lundqvist, Kåre Lye, Allan Nicklasson, Elsa Nyholm, P. Olof Nyman, Herman Persson, Per Størmer, Ingrid Størmer, Ivar Söderberg and Antero Vaarama. The society was founded on the 18th of August 1966. The first board consisted of Per Størmer, Oslo (President), Edvard von Krusenstjerna, Djursholm (Secretary), Kjeld Holmen, Copenhagen, Elsa Nyholm, Stockholm, B. Johannsson, Reykjavik, and Antero Vaarama, Åbo.

Board Members


Kristian Hassel
Museum of Natural History and Archaeology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
N-7491 Trondheim


Leif Appelgren (Norway)

Other board members

Nils Cronberg (Sweden)
Gerhard Kristensen (Sweden)
Irina Goldberg (Denmark)
Riikka Juutinen (Finland)
Sanna Laaka-Lindberg (Finland)
Kåre Homble (Norway)


Kristian Peters (Germany)


Kristian Hassel (kristian.hassel [at] ntnu.no) for general questions
Leif Appelgren (leif.appelgren [at] gmail.com) regarding membership


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