About the NBS

About the NBS

Our society is a meeting place for all those who are fascinated by the discreet charm of bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornworts). In the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) you can find about 1200 bryophyte species, which is more than five percent of the total number of known species worldwide. Bryophytes are abundant, and often dominant, in a wide array of nature types like mires, boreal forests, calcareous grasslands, mountain slopes, arctic heaths and stream beds. To enjoy the world of bryophytes you may need to bend your knees and curve your back, and, perhaps look through a magnifying glass. But if you make this effort you will find an astonishing diversity of life forms with great beauty.

The primary objective of NBS is to stimulate contacts among Nordic bryologists, both professionals and amateurs. Membership is open also for bryologists residing outside the Nordic region.

Board Members


Kristian Hassel
Museum of Natural History and Archaeology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
N-7491 Trondheim


Leif Appelgren (Norway)

Board Members

Riikka Juutinen (Finland)
Nils Cronberg (Sweden)
Gerhard Kristensen (Sweden)
Irina Goldberg (Denmark)
Sanna Laaka-Lindberg (Finland)
Kåre Homble (Norway)


Kristian Peters (Germany)


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