Next NBS excursion on Bornholm on 12-15th May 2022

Next NBS excursion on Bornholm on 12-15th May 2022

The excursion will be held together with the Danish Bryological Society, Bryologkredsen on the isle of Bornholm on 12-15th of May 2022.

The accommodation will be at the hostel Svaneke Vandrerhjem. The cost per person is 1.320 DKK (ca. 178 Euro) for 3 days / 440 DKK (ca. 59 Euro) for 1 day incl. breakfast and lunch.

We are currently working on the excursion program. The excursion will start Thursday afternoon, the 12th of May. The sites we have in mind are the area around Borgesø in Almindingen (the only recent occurrence of Dicranum scottianum in Denmark, Oxystegus tenuirostris, Plagiopus oederianus, Jamesoniella autumnalis, Anastrophyllum minutum), salt marsh and cliffs at Stammershalle on the east coast of Bornholm (Trichostomum brachydontium, Tortella flavovirens, Cynodontium bruntonii, Conardia compacta), rivulets and waterfalls in the ravines of East Bornholm (Neckera crispa, Eucladium verticillatum), Paradisbakkerne (locus typus for Bryum bornholmense), as well as Langebjerg and Slotslyngen on North Bornholm (Lophozia atlantica, Microeurhynchium pumilum, Schistostega pennata).

On Sunday the 15th of May we consider joining the excursion of Mossornas Vänner to the nature reserve and Natura2000 area Benestads backar.

If you want to participate please contact Irina Goldberg (irina.goldberg [at] who is responsible for the excursion. Note the deadline for registration is Friday the 8th of April 2022.

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