NBS excursion 2019

NBS excursion 2019

The Finnish Bryophyte Expert Group is organising with Nordic Bryophyte Society an excursion to Finnish Lapland in August. The excursion will take place on 5.-9.8.2019 (starts Monday morning – ends Friday evening). Arrival and departure will happen from Rovaniemi. If you arrive by the first morning flight from Helsinki to Rovaniemi at 9.05 am, we will pick you up from the airport. On Friday 9.8. we will be back in Rovaniemi so that you will be able to catch the last flight to Helsinki at 6.10 pm. If these flights don’t fit your schedule, you can stay overnight either in Rovaniemi or in Helsinki at you own cost both before and after the trip.

From Rovaniemi we will first travel to Sodankylä and visit the famous Viiankiaapa mire on Monday. The first night we stay in a hotell in the centre of Sodankylä. The next three days we will spend in Kittilä and visit different pristine but still unprotected mires, where we have very little or no species data. So lots of interesting new species occurrences are to be expected! Also some cliff sites and old-growth forests are on the list. The last three nights we will stay in a hotell on the centre of Kittilä.

The prices cover transportation during the trip, accommodation, breakfast, packed lunch and dinner for four days. The price in single room is about 400 euros per person, in double room about 300 euros per person and in triple room about 250 euros per person. The exact prices will be announced to participants later.

Registrations can be emailed to the secretary of the Finnish Bryophyte Expert Group Kati Pihlaja kmpihl (at) utu.fi. For those who register before mid-May, we try get a permission to collect specimens of protected species and from protected areas. Please register 31.5.2019 at the latest.

When registering to the excursion, mention also which accommodation you prefer, special diets, and how you are planning to arrive to Rovaniemi. If there is anything to ask about the arrangements, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.